X10Server - Control server for the X10 CM11A/CM17A

NEW! - Now supports the X10 CM17A FireCracker!

Control X10 capable devices over a network using the X10 'ActiveHome' CM11A or 'FireCracker' CM17A computer interface module.

General Features:

TINI Specific Features:

Supported Custom Commands:

Supported X10 CM11A commands:

Supported X10 CM17A commands:

  • On <houseCode> <unitCode> [ <unitCode> ...] - Turn 'ON' specified House/Unit codes.
  • Off <houseCode> <unitCode> [ <unitCode> ...] - Turn 'OFF' specified House/Unit codes.
  • Dim:<dimValue> <houseCode> <unitCode> [ <unitCode> ...] - 'DIM' specified House/Unit codes (with specified dim amount).
  • Bright:<brightValue> <houseCode> <unitCode> [ <unitCode> ...]  - 'BRIGHT' specified House/Unit codes (with specified bright amount).
  • See the included 'conf/X10.conf' file for documentation on these commands and example usage.

    General Installation Information:

    In order to control X10 capable devices, you will first need the X10 'ActiveHome' CM11A or 'FireCracker' CM17A computer interface module which can be purchased from X10.

    The X10Server was designed specifically for the Dallas Semiconductor TINI, but should work on any system that can support the Java CommApi (for Linux platforms, Java CommApi can be downloaded and installed from RXTX.org).  The X10Server has been tested on the Dallas Semiconductor TINI, RedHat Linux (with the RXTX version of Java CommApi installed), and Windows/98 (with the Sun Microsystems, Inc. version of Java CommApi installed).

    General Installation:

    Non-TINI Installation:

    TINI Installation: (CM11A only)

    [See the X10Slush package, if available, for automatically reloading the X10Server on the TINI on reboot.  Thus eliminating the need to telnet changes in the software or macro file to the TINI.]


    To test the interface, make sure you have started a X10 event logger on the LogHost and port specified in the 'X10.conf' file.  You can use the perl script 'bin/x10Log' or the Java application in the X10Client package to monitor X10 events.

    Endless Possibilities

    The possibilities are endless for controlling various aspects of lighting and appliances with the X10Server and the proper X10 capable modules.  Here are some ideas for using the X10Server with the proper X10 capable devices:


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    Copyright (c) 2002 Martin D. Flynn